How do I choose the right dockleveller?

When purchasing a dockleveller determining the proper dimensions of the dock leveler according to your business is very important. We are pleased to give you some tips to make the right choice.

You need to buy a new loading bridge. What to take into consideration though? How high, long and wide should the dock leveller be?
Read on, for this blog will soon help you see the wood for the trees!

  1. Height of your loading bridge:

    The ideal height of a loading bridge or dock leveller ranges between 1,100 mm and 1,300 mm
  2. Gradient of your loading bridge:

    The maximum permitted gradient will depend on the transport equipment used. For manual pallet jacks the gradient cannot exceed 6%, for electric pallet jacks a gradient of maximum 8% applies. Electric forklifts and diesel or gas forklifts can handle a steeper gradient of between 11 and 15%.
  3. Length of your loading bridge:

    The length of your dock leveller is determined in function of the maximum differences in height between the quay, the loading platform and the gradient. The difference in height divided by the gradient will give you the length of your loading bridge.
  4. Width of your loading bridge:

    The width of your loading bridge will depend on the internal width of the most commonly used trucks and goods to be loaded. You have a choice between the following widths: 1800, 2000 or 2200 mm.

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