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Merger L-door Industrial and Nassau Door

We are proud to announce the merger between L-door Industrial and Nassau Door Belgium. Two established and renowned companies joining forces as of 1 January. Together, we will from now on be part of the L-door Nassau Group, with its registered office at the familiar Denderstraat 29 in Liedekerke.

The perfect door for every business

Each sector has its own specific logistics processes. Are you looking for a sectional door to secure your premises, a door to access your car park, a high-speed door for your internal transport, a door for your loading quay or a fire door?

L-door Industrial supplies all of the above and tailored to your specific activities at that! Discover our range of industrial doors here.

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One Stop Shop for logistic solutions

  • Complete dock equipment
  • Inventory system
  • 24/7

Sectional doors

Insulated sectional
doors for a myriad
of applications

Dock doors

Insulated sectional door
customized to your loading
and unloading quay

High-speed doors

High-speed doors to facilitate the
free on-site movement of your
forklift trucks

Fire doors

Protect your valuable investment
against fire with a fire
resistant overhead door

Maintenance and repairs - 24/7

Murphy’s Law: if your door is going to give trouble or get damaged it will invariably be on a busy day so that you end up losing precious time when time is at a premium already. To limit standstills to an absolute minimum, we will be happy to ensure the periodic maintenance of your industrial doors. As defects or damage can never be excluded and will always come at the most inopportune moments, our service team is at your disposal 24/7.

  • All makes serviced and repaired
  • Qualified service technicians
  • Nationwide
  • 24/7 service
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