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L-door Nassau

Exceeding Expectations since 2021

Dear customer, supplier, partner,

We are proud to announce the merger between L-door Industrial and Nassau Door Belgium. Two established and renowned companies joining forces as of 1 January. Together, we will from now on be part of the L-door Nassau Group, with its registered office at the familiar Denderstraat 29 in Liedekerke.

With this merger not only our companies will unite, but so will our strengths, our knowledge and above all, our experience in sectional (garage) doors and industrial solutions. In this way we strive - as one, united and ambitious organisation - to be recognised as the highest quality, one hundred percent reliable and progressive with an excellent personal service. We are convinced that thanks to this cooperation, we can serve you as a stakeholder even better and we are look forward to taking our cooperation to a higher level!


Impassioned by innovation and constant product improvement, we focus on the production, sales, installation and service of sectional doors, high-speed doors and all loading- and docking solutions. On a daily basis, all our employees strive for sustainable design, customization of the highest quality and an excellent personal service, with a strong interest in automation and safety.


Acquiring and maintaining a distinctive market position by achieving profitable growth in manufacture, sales, installation and service of customized doors and accessories. We aim to offer a wide range of industrial solutions and to be recognized and renowned among consumers as top quality, reliable and creatively progressive.

A new organisation, a new identity.

The proposed logo is a dynamic compromise between the old and well-established logos of L-door and NASSAU.

A clean and timeless font represents design, style and innovation. It emphasizes and characterizes the new collaboration.
After all, L-door Nassau aspires, with a strategic vison and pioneering mentality, not only to follow existing trends but to excel in innovation and to be creatively progressive.

The new color, a medium dark shade of cyan, derives from the colors blue and green. A symbolic nod to our coporate values. Blue is seen as the color of trust, clear communication and reliability, but it also reflects integrity and sincerity. Green acquires associations such as willingness to cooperate, creative thinking and is considered to be the color of harmony, balance, renewal, trust, security and prosperity.

A perfect match that exhibits our perspective as one, united and ambitious organization.

More practical information

Besides a new name and even more know-how, there will be hardly any changes. The following is a short summary of the essence.

Together, from this day on, we are part of the L-door Nassau Group with its registered head office located at the Denderstraat 29, BE-1770 LIedekerke.

The only valid VAT number will be the former number of L-door Industrial, i.e. BE 0878.712.805. Regarding any payments, we would like to inform you that there will be no immediate changes, so payments can be made to the same bank accounts.

For more information or any questions concerning this promising merger, you can still rely on your trusted contact. All our colleagues remain available via their former

contact details and will be happy to help you with any question you may have. Please, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us:

  • info@ldoornassau.be
  • +32 (0)53 64 44 00 (L-door)
  • +32 (0)55 30 70 00 (Nassau)