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Dear Customer,

This year we consciously chose not to join the largest construction exhibition in the country.

Unfortunately? Not at all!

Instead of showing off with the largest or most beautiful stand, we decided to invest in you!
We are happy to let you benefit from this and therefore offer our Belgian quality at exceptional building conditions.
Request your quotation and take advantage of our competitive offers until april 30!

50% discount on our Section Line.

Also ask for your special discount for our Nature Line and Puma Line.

As L-Door only produces bespoke garage door, we can’t give you a standard price for a garage door. Strange as it may sound this really is to your own advantage because you only end up paying for what you actually need and you are guaranteed that your garage door will seamlessly fit into your home. Enter your details and the desired specifications below and we will get back to you with a quotation for your new sectional door as soon as possible.

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