Industrial overhead doors

Your access doors facilitate the smooth flow of goods, vehicles and/or persons at your site. On that account alone, a qualitative and reliable industrial door is indispensable to your business processes as it will be a determining factor in the efficiency of your activities. As L-Door manages the entire project, from production to service, in-house, we can guarantee you a long service life of your installation and a low total cost of ownership.
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Pro Line - sectional industrial doors

Looking for extra ventilation, natural light or an integrated door? As our customer, you get to choose the type of door that best suits your professional activities. Below, you will find a brief overview of the various possibilities.

industrial doors

  • Solid insulated panels
  • Maximum insulation
  • Maximum privacy

Industrial door
with wicket door

  • Extra access
  • Integrated door
  • or seperate fixed wicket door

Fully glazed

  • Maximum visibility
  • Modern look
  • Section by section or fully glazed

Access doors in expanded metal

  • Ideal for use as access door
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Extra security

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Our strengths, your added value

Professional advice and product, tailored to your activities

Each company is unique, so is yours. Our advisers know our doors like the back of their hand and will be happy to help you make the right choice.

  • 2 panel types as standard, optionally a choice between 15 types of 42 mm panels
  • 80 mm panel for more exacting insulation requirements
  • Industrial door lacquered in a standard colour or optionally in a RAL colour of choice.
  • A customised rail system for every building

Optimum safety for you and your staff

Safety is of paramount importance.

  • Our doors meet the most stringent European directives.
  • Anti-finger trap panels (save in 80 mm panels),
  • Spring break device, cable break device and obstruction sensor
  • Other optional safety features, e.g. photocell, available
  • Periodic maintenance prevents unexpected expense and enhances safety

Insulation and seal for extra energy savings and hygiene

Proper insulation can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

  • Our standard 42 mm steel panels filled with polyurethane foam guarantee a high insulation value
  • For extra insulation, we would recommend that you have your door fitted with an 80 mm panel.
  • Humidity, cold, dust and vermin are kept out thanks to the rubber seals at the top, sides and bottom.

Extensive selection of controls for maximum user-friendliness

Extensive selection of controls for maximum user-friendliness

  • Automated door with direct drive motor
  • Manually operated door with pull cord system
  • Manually operated door with chain hoist system
  • Extensive range of accessories: pull switch | keypad | radar control | inductive loop controller | indicator lights

Qualitative hardware for an extended service life

Reliability is of the essence in any sectional door. Because of that, L-Door only supplies you with the best materials available on the market.

  • Each industrial door is balanced at the time of fitting
  • Customised torsion springs, on a steel barrel arbor
  • 25,000 cycle torsion springs as a minimum; for more intensive use we can also offer you 50,000 or 100,000 cycle torsion springs.
  • Springs are powder-coated for an extended service life

Extra design to give your premises a unique look

Are you looking for a unique door to add a touch of class to your business premises?

  • A door integrated with your facade
  • The door almost invisibly disappears into your building’s facade
  • Our in-house R&D department will examine the options with you