Fire resistant overhead doors

Watching your investment going up in flames is any executive’s or manager’s worst nightmare. Aside from the material damage a fire can cause, the full or partial loss of activities and income can prove to be disastrous for any business. Compartmentalising your premises can help to reduce the damage and ensure that you are fully operational again much faster if a fire does break out. So, make safety your priority and invest in an L-Door fire door!

Protect your activities

  • Panel thickness of 40mm
  • Synthetic material: corrosion-proof
  • Top-quality metal work
  • Even where space is at a premium
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • RF60, EI60, EW60
  • In conformity with European standards

Fire doors are rigorously tested by a competent body. To check a door’s fire resistance it is fitted and then exposed to fire. Sensors are used to monitor the door’s behaviour while exposed to the fire. The photographs below show you the test’s progression over a 0-to-75-minute period.

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