Garage doors in all colours

The choice of colour for your new sectional garage door is a key to the look of your home. So be sure to take the time needed to choose the right colour.

A garage door colour to fit with your windows and doors

Would you like the garage door to match the colour of your windows and doors? No problem! Ask your supplier for the colour code and give it to your advisor at L-DOOR. Your new sectional door will then be coated in the colour of your choice. But bear in mind that slight variations in the shade are possible. Visually, the surface of a door is larger than that of a window frame, which can result in an optical difference. Different materials (wood, steel aluminium, etc.), structure or lighting can also affect the colour perception.

Types of paint for your garage door

When purchasing your sectional garage door, you can choose between a smooth and a grainy finish. A fine grain can be added to the structural paint during the coating process. This makes structural paint more scratch-resistant.

Special treatment for garage doors on the coast

Do you live on the coast? Sectional garage doors in the coastal region are exposed to different external factors than inland. Wind, sand and salt can damage the paint coat. This can easily be prevented by an additional layer of varnish.