How can I copy the code of my garage door remote control?

Have you bought a new remote control and would like to copy the code from your current remote to the new one? This instructional video by the L-DOOR Academy shows you the steps to follow.
This way you can easily and quickly programme your new remote control yourself.

Copying the code of an existing remote control to a new one is very simple. Follow the steps below watch our instructional video.

  1. Check that you have the correct, L-DOOR compatible remote control. You can order the correct remote control for your products from our web shop
  2. Link your current remote to the new one using the connector delivered with the remote
  3. Copy the code. Hold down the button on the current remote (red LED will light up) and meanwhile press the button on the new remote that you wish to programme. The LED on the new remote will flash; once the LED has stopped flashing, the programming has succeeded.
  4. Remove the link from the two remotes

Your new remote control is now ready to use.

Didn’t work? Our after-sales service staff will be happy to help you. Their contact information is available on our contact page.