Dock equipment or loading solutions

Your company’s loading or dock equipment is indispensable to your logistics process.
User-friendliness, speed, functionality, quality and reliability are of the essence in installations like these. At that, door, loading bridge, shelter and the various accessories should form one reliable whole, not only to ensure that loading and unloading can be done in comfort but also to keep the heat in and dust, moisture and vermin out. Discover the tailor-made solutions L-door has in store for you.

Pro Line - Dock doors

Insulated dock door

L-Door Industrial makes every door, dock doors included, to measure.
This is the one way we can ensure that your door will be tailored to your activities.
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> Reliable

> Insulating

> In the standard colour or any RAL colour of choice

> Customizable

Pro Line - Dock levellers

The ultimate solution for every loading quay! Dock levellers bridge the gap and the height between your loading quay and truck.

> Hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel

> Folding or telescopic lip

> 6-8 mm thick tread plate

> Lip made of 13-15 mm tread plate

> Dynamic resistance of 6 to 15 ton

> RAL 7016 as standard, other RAL colours as an optional extra

Types of dock levellers

Our diverse range of loading bridges is suited to most situations. Below, you will find an overview of the possible solutions.
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Dock leveller
Built-in type

  • Installed once the floor has been poured
  • With or without letterbox

Dock leveller
Self-bearing type

  • Installed before the concrete floor is poured
  • Always fitted with a letterbox

Dock leveller
Box type

  • Installed before the concrete floor is poured
  • Usually with letterbox, without on request

Pro Line - Dock shelters

Loading and unloading in comfort, whatever the weather

Inclement weather while loading or unloading trucks does not only make work more unpleasant but comes with extra risks as people can easily slip on wet floors. Dock shelters provide the seal and protection you need, irrespective of the size of your trucks, and ensure that people can work in optimum conditions. Aside from the extra safety they provide, they also reduce the loss of heat within the building. L-Door Industrial can offer you a choice between retractable dock shelters, inflatable dock shelters or complete loading houses, each one of them a top-quality and robust product.

dock shelter

dock shelter

Loading house
dock shelter

Pro Line - Loading quay accessories

To allow you to make maximum use of your loading equipment, we also stock an extensive range of accessories.

  • Dock leveller seals to prevent exposure to the elements
  • Rail guard and bumper posts to prevent damage
  • Wheel guides for effortless docking
  • Dock buffers to protect your loading quay and premises

NEW ! EM-Flex dock leveller seal

  • Outstanding quality
  • Hermetically seals your loading bridge against dust and vermin
  • Easy to clean
  • Limits heat loss
  • Easy to assemble
  • Magnetic
  • Compatible with all makes and types of dock levellers
  • Durable

Rail guards and bumper posts

A moment of inattention or a wrong manoeuvre is enough to cause considerable damage. Preventive measures will protect your door or hardware against any such incidents. What’s more, you’ll avoid your door being temporarily out of action and save you the expense of getting your door repaired or replaced.

  • Protects the rail against damage
  • Various models and applications
  • Saves on repair costs

Wheel guides

Docking trailers calls for the necessary care if damage is to be avoided. By installing wheel guides you will help truck drivers to flawlessly position their lorry at your company’s loading quay.

  • Enhances driver comfort
  • Perfect positioning of the lorry
  • Prevents damage
  • Manufactured from top-quality, hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Robust and durable


A truck that moves during loading or unloading or a driver who pulls away his lorry while the lip of the dock leveller is still resting on the truck floor are common occurrences that can cause damage and accidents. The Dockmatic does not only ensure controlled docking but will even prevent the truck from moving during loading and unloading.

  • The best option for safe docking
  • Wheel-lock system
  • Truck automatically parked at the correct distance
  • Perfect positioning
  • Prevents damage

Dock buffers

It goes without saying that you don’t want your premises to get damaged during loading and unloading. Installing dock buffers or dock bumpers will protect your premises and prevent unnecessary repair costs.

  • Prevents damage to the loading quay
  • Prevents damage to trucks
  • Choice between steel or rubber
  • Robust and durable

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