Your garage door as an invisible part of your home’s facade

More and more builders are opting for an austere design. Minimalism is the new buzz word. Appliances are hidden behind sleek cupboard doors, wardrobes have become dressing rooms concealed by an inconspicuous wall while visible internal door hinges are gradually becoming a thing of the past. When it comes to a home’s external appearance, that same trend prevails, with the result that the garage door simply ‘has’ to ‘disappear’ into the home.

The comfort of a garage is an absolute must for many builders. There’s no arguing with that of course because, for one, you can be sure that your car is safely parked inside. To some builders, garage doors are a thorn in the flesh because they interfere with the austere design their architect produced. The solution: get the garage door to disappear into cladding.

L-Door has been pioneering clad garage doors since 2011. The choice of materials is endless: aluminium, wood, composites.... At our Belgian plant, we use a unique process to clad our insulated garage doors and the surrounding fixed panels; also your front door can be clad in whatever material you take a fancy to. L-Door takes care of all the insulation and the studwork and ensures that your garage door is seamlessly integrated into the same surface as the adjoining cladding, which either or not may feature your front door.

As this calls for supreme craftsmanship, we look after the project from start to finish. After all, when it comes to the design, the architect’s creativity should be given free rein. Once the plans have been drawn, L-Door comes into the picture. We sit down with the client and architect to discuss the options. L-Door then produces the technical drawings, takes the measurements and ensures the fitting and follow-up.

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