Spring has sprung and so has the time to clean your garage door!

With the dark days of winter finally behind us and plants budding all around, green fingers up and down the country are itching to get stuck in the garden again. As the spring clean-up gets underway and your exterior joinery is regaining its sparkle once more, it’s also time to give your sectional door a little TLC.

L-Door sectional garage doors are lacquered according to the same principle as a car. The lacquer is baked in the oven to ensure that it doesn’t lose its gloss. This process also gives your garage door its scratch-resistant finish.

During winter, the outside of your garage door takes quite a battering. Between wind, frost, snow, ice and salt your door is really put through its paces. As we get to spend more and more time out of doors, we also want the outside to look spic and span again.

Treat the outside of your garage door as you would your windows. A soft sponge or cloth, water and an all-purpose cleaner will wash away any winter grime. Do not use anything that has an abrasive effect. Whatever product you use, make sure to use the correct dosage.

Alternatively, you could use Topclean, an all-purpose cleaner L-Door developed to take the elbow grease out of getting your garage door to shine like new again. Topclean can be bought separately or in combination with a microfibre cloth.

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