When changing your garage door, safety will be one of the main considerations. This is why L-DOOR sectional doors always come with the most important safety features. Depending on user requirements, further safety features can be added.

Standard safety features

  • Finger guard: prevents fingers getting trapped between the panels.
  • Spring break device: prevents the garage going into free fall in the unlikely event one of the springs was to break
  • Obstruction sensor: if you opt for an automated door, the door will stop automatically as soon as the closing door comes into contact with an object.

    Additional safety features

    • Photocell sensor: an invisible beam fitted to the bottom of the door which will reverse the door’s closing movement as soon as the beam is broken.
    • Emergency release: uncouples the garage door from the outside without having to rely on the motor or the manual lock. Highly recommended if your garage door is the only means of access to your garage.