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Time for a new garage door? We look forward to meeting you at our Batibouw stand, but, if you can’t make it or couldn’t possibly face the crowds, simply apply for a quotation at the same great Batibouw rates here.

Did you know that L-Door can supply you with a front door that matches your new garage door to perfection? In the same style, the same colour and with the same user comfort!

Avail of the special Batibouw rates on both your garage door and front door now! Better still, if you decide to purchase both of them together, we will give you an extra discount into the bargain.

Your Batibouw discount on your new garage door and/or front door:

  • Enjoy a 750 euro discount on an automated sectional garage door.
  • Enjoy a 250 euro discount on a bespoke front door.
  • Order your garage door and front door together and enjoy a 1,100 euro discount.

Visit our showroom

Every Saturday we're open from 10 am. until 4 pm.
On week days we're open from 8.30 am until 12.30 pm. and 13.15 pm until 17.00 pm.

Make the most of our special Batibouw rates and request a quotation now!

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